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A decentralised distributed ledger built on inherent trust...

We create a unique knowledge exchange platform for top talent, while developing technology that creates a secure and permanent digital record of an asset’s origin, characteristics and ownership. This transparency helps industries respond to growing expectations for sustainable, verifiable sourcing.

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Why Blockchain?

Decentralised blockchain database. Consensus based permission. Every entry gets replicated across the distributed network. Agreement by all participants across the distributed network has to be reached before any change to the blockchain is permitted. Transformative, disruptive, revolutionary.

Why Blockchain

No Central Authority

With a distributed ledger there is no single point of decision making to any modification of records making the blockchain  virtually hack-proof.


You can think of the blockchain as immutable. Blocks are only added and never deleted, all changes are simply captured as new blocks on the distributed ledger.

Trust protocol

When all data is duplicated and distributed across the blockchain. This makes it impossible to change asset information that is instantly verifiable, creating inherent trust across and industries.


Bringing together talent and knowledge 

Knowledge collaboration and exchange are required to complete complex tasks in IoT intelligent applications.

In areas where specialist technical skills are required, we leverage our network to find the right candidates with the right mindset.

To build a concrete knowledge base there is no better way the doing it together. Get all the tools to create a unique platform for knowledge exchange.

Sponsors and Investors

Opportunities for angel investors and venture capitalists as well as sponsors wishing to help communities and make a difference.

Trust Platform 

View, store and search asset records on demand and make it available to your customers as well as end consumers.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

Powerful edge computing devices and edge artificial intelligence (edge-AI) could be introduced into Internet of Things (IoT). These find knowledge derived from massive sensory data, like cyber results or models of classification, detection and prediction from physical environments.

Consulting & Community

Expertise include data integration, hyperledger fabric, blockchain framework design, business process optimisation, data migration, build, test and deployment strategies. 

Become a Conrtibutor

If you are an educator, reporter, content creator, programmer, or feel like you can contribute to the world of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Crypto Assets, AI, Emerging Tech. Become a Contributor and depending your contribution you will earn Bitcoin (BTC) or Satoshi's. 

The canvas will blank and we would love to hear from you!

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"Bitcoin will overtake the dollar in importance as it becomes the single global currency of the internet within a decade."

Jack Dorsey, one of Silicon Valley's leading entrepreneurs

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Ready to find out more?

Whatever your ideas or challenges may be, we are here to offer our expertise. With our core partners, we use various tools and create systems that reduce the time and cost required for corporate efficiency projects.


Asset information that is easily accessible and verifiable. Our platform allows trust to spread throughout industries.

We work across various industries primarily in FinTech and Banking, Supply Chain, Logistics, Marketing and Finance, where there are large volumes of valuable data.


Together we empower the people and streamline the ease-of-use of the internet. 

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